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By helping everyday Aussies grab hold of their financial journey and push forward with their goals in a balanced and safe way. We achieve this through practical financial education, honest and candid guidance, and employing the very latest technology in cash flow management systems.

What we offer

Help My Wealth is a community of experienced professionals who wanted a balanced view of what building wealth and financial security should be.

The Problem


The Solution


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How Do I Know If I Need Help My Wealth?

Where do I even start when it comes to setting financial goals?

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Research has found that many people are not financially literate and that if you are under 25, you are the least financially literate group in Australia. This can be attributed to the lack of financial literacy education that formal education and other institutes provide to Australians. So we must teach ourselves and, most often, learn through life experience. This has led many young Australians to struggle to understand the basics of managing their money. At HMW, we have set up an accessible and well-structured iLearning program that fills this gap and will assist you in educating yourself and gaining the skills and knowledge you need to put you on the right track to wealth creation in a balanced and safe way.

I want to build wealth ....but I don't know where to start?

“Building wealth starts with a wealth of knowledge.”

To create wealth, you must first invest in yourself and develop knowledge. At HMW, we assist you to do this by offering you resources such as multi-media learning modules, quizzes, surveys, podcasts and sources of information, all designed by our community of experienced professionals. The topics range from cash flow and budgeting and expand into the psychology of money, planning and goal setting, through to investment types and methods of investing. All topics aim to build the knowledge you need to manage your money efficiently now and to build your wealth into the future.

I don’t really even have a budget or I’m just not sticking to the budget I did create.

“Without reasonable budgets, goals and accountability, achieving financial stability is difficult”

We all know that setting and then sticking to a budget is foundational to creating financial stability now and long-term wealth creation for later. That’s why we have made it simple and easy for our clients to set and achieve their budgets with the help of our AI-assisted e-smart budgeting app. The app is easy to set up and maintain, with all your spending and your budget receiving a live feed from all your accounts (i.e. banking, superannuation and investments). This means it’s always up to date and directly accessible from your mobile. The app allows live and interactive tracking of your budget and financial goals. This means you can see how you are tracking in real-time and know if you are overspending in an area (like coffee and eating out) or falling behind a savings goal (like an holiday overseas).

I'm struggling to manage my bills and accounts each month

“HMW mentoring can provide you with both guidance and accountability.”

We know that managing your money and setting achievable financial goals is difficult to do on your own and, once set, even harder to achieve. That’s why we offer our community one-on-one mentoring to guide you in managing your money and setting budgets and financial goals.

Do I have the right professionals around me to build long-term wealth?

“When you surround yourself with the right people, you will get the right advice.”

What professionals do I even need around me? How do I know if they will even be helpful or, more importantly, be seeking my best interest? Knowing where to go or who to see when seeking help to achieve your goals is complex, and as you travel along your wealth-building journey, you will need to engage professionals. At HMW, we’ve taken the stress out of that search by building a community of endorsed, experienced professionals that are both ethical and reasonably priced.

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“Help My Wealth helped me reach my first financial goal in less than four months!”

I have been in the Banking industry for over 20 years and believe that a service such as Help My Wealth would be great for so many people, especially as rates increase and people find themselves in completely unfamiliar territory. Tradies Finance are looking forward to working with Help My Wealth to offer such a great value added service to our clients.”

Rod S

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