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Interview With Our Founder and Guide: Stephen Logan


An Entertaining Interview With Our Founder and Guide: Stephen Logan

In 2021, our founder and guide, and his business partner sat down in a coffee shop, with two cuppas and a dream; to provide affordable assistance to people that want to achieve their financial goals but lack the resources to fund a financial planner. One of these two was a man with a passion for guiding people to living their dreams through financial stability, and his name is Stephen Logan.

In a previous life he was a registered nurse assisting people with their physical health. Now he is a family man with over 30 years in sales & real estate and a passion for guiding people to wealth with his extensive financial knowledge.

We recently sat down with Steve to discuss why he created Help My Wealth and the personal struggles he had to conquer so that he could help others conquer their hurdles too!

Steve, tell us a little bit about yourself before starting Help My Wealth?

I was a registered nurse for a while and then I moved from that into medical sales, pharmaceuticals and devices. From there I ended up purchasing some Optus stores and I ran those for a long time. While I was running these retail outlets, I discovered that I had a passion for real estate.

So, I started to develop that side of my business, by first obtaining my real estate licence and then moving into the lists and sales space through a real estate agency. My real estate career progressed to the point where I realised that I was most passionate about investment properties, so I got my licence to be a property investment adviser.

I am required to continue renewing my insurance for property investment advisory, as a part of my professional obligations. This is the challenging and rewarding part of my role, because you have to really be able to prove that you can give that advice and that you know what you’re doing.”

As founder and guide, how did you Conceive The idea Help My Wealth?

“How Help My Wealth came about originally was my business partnership with Hamish Ferguson. The (Australian) government did an audit on financial planners. They had a Royal Commission and one of the things they found was that the financial planning industry was a bit of muck with people charging a lot of money and not giving much advice. So, they turned around and set a standard for advice… But that standard meant that you had to charge a significant fee as to attain that standard now required a very high level of service.

Hamish was, therefore, as a financial planner, unable to offer a more cut down and streamlined service, as he’d done in the past for people who were just wanting some basic information or to get themselves started rather than a whole tailored plan that comes with a significant fee.

We realised that that wasn’t going to be just the problem for him. It was going to be the problem for all financial planners and Australian’s seeking (affordable) financial guidance … And so, the idea of Help My Wealth was born.”

What is the key difference between a Financial Adviser and what you offer through Help My Wealth?

By trade, I am not a financial planner, which allows me to provide, for a much smaller cost, a foundation where people can gain financial literacy and be mentored to, or be empowered to, start making their own decisions with regards to their financial wealth creation. The idea is that when they’re ready for a financial planner and for a professional, they would then have the funds to be able to do that. We very much couldn’t allow Help My Wealth to be an advisory company because it’s not licenced for that.

Hamish and I thought hard about what was required. We decided that Help My Wealth needed to provide financial education around things like cash flow, budgeting investments, and goal setting. We also wanted to include the behavioural psychology of spending, the “Why do we do the things we do!” to provide a good foundation that people can step off and into their financial life.

Another important tool we wanted to provide was an AI budgeting tracker or smart cash flow manager that helps people to manage their cash flow more effectively. The app limits and addresses behaviours like unconscious spending, as money that we don’t realise we’re spending is the biggest problem when it comes to people’s cash flow.

The last thing was that we thought would be important to provide is to have someone walk alongside you and take the wealth journey with that person, step by step. I want to help people to be accountable and have permission to help them maintain accountability in those key financial areas.

So, all of that, I would say, are the key differences.”

“For us, it’s about providing a service that empowers the person to actually make financial decisions for themselves!”

This is all sounds great Steve, but why do all of this? What motivates you?

“You know, I went through a divorce which really changed my financial situation. And at the time I had, I had five children… I now have seven children. So that that’s a lot of work and that is a lot of money that that needs to go towards my family. With a responsibility like a large family, you need to be really good at budgeting and cash flow and knowing what you’re doing in regard to those sort of things. They’re good life choices, having kids and then doing life… But they come with consequences around your financial journey.

I believe you just need to leap over that hurdle or carry that burden and work out how to work with that. Each of us have different reasons for getting finances right. Someone else could have a completely different story to me, but still also have found there’s been some significant financial struggles or burdens in their life that they had to get around. For me, that’s where a passion for helping people has always been part of my journey, ever since I was a registered nurse.

Because of this, I pivoted from physical health to financial health! I have a lot of experience trying to find people, the perfect investment property to try and get people to be able to, you know, get the deposit for their first time.

But, helping people to recognise what those burdens and struggles are, and what their good and bad habits are, by doing an analysis on their on their cash flow and on what and where they are now… Its satisfying helping people to step forward and empower them to take control of their financial wellbeing.”

Outside of helping people achieve their dreams, what are you passionate about?

Well, between running those businesses and looking after children, there’s a little bit of time and I’m passionate about reading. I do like to read; my goal has always been to hit 52 books in a year. Never done it! The best I’ve gotten up to was 43 last year and I think I listened to about 6 or 7 audio books. But this year I’m determined to hit 52!

I’m passionate about going to movies and try to keep up to date with the latest where I can. I’ve got a good friendship group, and we try to catch up when we can. We also try to organise family camping and we’ve really created a good community within that as well.”

Final Thoughts Steve?

“Regardless of where you are now, everyone usually wants to get to a better place or be in a better position (financially). That’s that was the concept behind Help My Wealth is that it could be a platform for people to get a good foundation and step into that journey themselves.”

Want to Kickstart your financial journey with Steve & the Help My Wealth team?

Help My Wealth’s team and expert financial guides are equipped with strategies to help you survive, thrive and conquer economic pressures and realistic goals. Contact Help My Wealth today to take the first step on your journey to financial freedom today!

Interview With Our Founder and Guide: Stephen Logan


An Entertaining Interview With Our Founder and Guide: Stephen Logan



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