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Tip 1: Mentoring and the Power of Accountability.

Why would I need a mentor?

In life, it always feels good to achieve something on your own. Reaching your savings goal for a house downpayment, for example, is something to be proud of. However, we often run into roadblocks along the way. When this happens, we usually find it difficult to get back on track, causing delays to our success. 

This scenario doesn’t just happen while we aim to check off our savings goals. It also happens when budgeting, planning for our future, deciding on a new career path, and the like. Most people would agree that even on your walk to the kitchen for a glass of water, you can get off track; there is a mess on the floor, a light still on, or someone is calling out to you, causing you to forget the reason you went to the kitchen in the first place. 

If the feeling of being stuck or lost in life is familiar to you, you haven’t discovered the benefits of mentoring yet. In this article, we will find out why mentoring is a powerful tool to help you achieve your dreams and goals faster.

Why Should I Consider getting someone to keep me Accountable?

To put it simply, a mentor is someone who will help you through a problem so you can achieve your goals and dreams faster. A mentor can help in a specific area of your life, like handling your finances, helping you gain the right perspective on things, or even guiding you to the correct decision to scale your business. They are able to help you as they often have:

  • Experience, skill and knowledge (an industry expert)
  • A good reputation
  • The willingness to teach and guide

Rather than learning life lessons through mistakes, you learn from someone who has already been through it. You can use their experience to avoid easy-to-make and costly mistakes toward achieving what you want in life.

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7 Major Benefits

Mentoring is a powerful tool that’s available to everyone. Those who have enrolled in a mentoring program have reported a positive impact on their careers and personal lives because they:

  1. Receive Guidance and Support – When a mentor guides you at every step of your journey, it feels reassuring and safe because you know you are and will be on the right track.
  2. Have Improved Confidence – Because a good mentor is someone who will support you, it minimizes the feeling of fear when taking the first or next step. When your actions are validated and guided, you feel more confident.  
  3. Gain Better Self-Awareness – Self-awareness is crucial to an individual’s success. As you go through your program, you also go through self-analysis and self-assessment, allowing you to know yourself better.
  4. Become Aware of Other Perspectives – When you’re exposed to new perspectives, you’re broadening your horizon to new possibilities that you can work towards to become your new reality.
  5. Are Given Honest Feedback – A good guide will give you enough room to improve. This means providing you with honest feedback, especially about your habits and behaviour. Rarely will people around you be honest about how you work or how you approach things. They will be blunt and straight to the point with the goal of helping you improve yourself.
  6. Are Kept Accountable – When you get side-tracked, you can be sure that your mentor will let you know and guide you back to the right path. Usually, mentors discuss errors or missteps so you better understand the “why.”
  7. Leverage their Mentor’s Experience – You utilise your mentor’s years of experience – their failures and successes. A good mentor can teach you what they wished they knew when they first started.

Definitely, there are more benefits to mentoring that we haven’t listed here. Just ask some of the most successful people of our time who understand the benefits of mentoring and have made the most of the age-old advice they got from their own mentors, especially in the aspect of business, finances, and personal relationships. 

If you’re looking for a mentoring program that helps you reach your financial goals, consider contacting Help My Wealth’s to find an accountability partner that will help you find the right goals that fit you and your values, find ways to enable you to reach them and then find the experienced professionals to help you on that last step.

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Tip 1: Mentoring and the Power of Accountability.



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