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We get it! There’s a lot going on right now.

You’re not alone! Many people feel stuck or unsure how they will ever be able to get into the housing market. There are so many reasons why people feel this way.

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We know how to help you.

Our proven system has helped 100’s of people like you achieve their goals.

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I am a sole trader who receives irregular payments. The Help My Wealth program has given me transparency on how much money is coming in and where I am spending this money. The program makes me consider how much money I put towards my investments, child, luxuries and necessities.



Help My Wealth has given me greater confidence in how to manage my finances so I can plan better for my future. The budgeting app has given me visibility of my spending habits and is helping me to begin to save money finally, the Learning Modules have been teaching me sound financial management principles, and the 1-1 coaching has helped keep me accountable and encouraged me to stay on track.

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Josh & Jo

Josh & Jo

Help My Wealth highlighted how we actually spent our money and helped us prioritise our spending habits; this meant we were able to save enough for our first home deposit.

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