Money Rules or Money Rules

The “Money Rules OR Money Rules” podcast shares stories of financial empowerment and success with everyday Australians to assist them in their financial journey.

Unless you set robust and well-founded rules around Money, you will never get to a place of financial freedom where money rules. Instead, it will be more like money troubles, where money rules you.

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Meet Your Hosts

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Stephen Logan

Stephen is Help My Wealth’s experienced guide. He is passionate about journeying with people and helping them create a better financial future for themselves and their families. He has extensive experience in the business, investment and mentoring spheres.

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Hamish Ferguson

Hamish has been in Financial Services since 2001, initially as a Mortgage Broker, then becoming dually qualified as a Financial Adviser in 2007. As an advocate for ‘’loving the client’’, he receives great satisfaction in assisting clients to get ahead financially and helping them become more comfortable in their decision-making. He believes that everyone should have someone they trust for solid financial advice.

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