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$210 A Month
(Inc GST)


$2376 (Inc GST)
Per Year

Membership Plan Benefits

Help My Wealth Ecosystem

Interactive financial literacy learning modules (self-paced)


eSmart cashflow app


HMW guide-set up (initial session)


1:1 Initial program introduction and set-up (via 1x 30-minute video conferencing)


Resource library


1:1 regular mentoring and accountability sessions (via 5 x 30-minute video conferencing)


10-year planning and goal-setting program


The eSmart Budgeting App


Investment strategy analyser


Home & investment loan health checks


Connection to the HMW professional advisers


Resource library




Podcast - Money Rules / Money Rules




What you Get by Enrolling

You also get a library of resources, priority support and more….


30+ Interactive Modules

Industry experts designed our value-for-money Self Directed Learning modules in:

  • Money Coaching
  • Financial Planning
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Investments
  • Taxation
  • Behavioural Psychology
  • Health

We believe that financial success is holistic and that every module is designed to focus on the outcome of helping you achieve financial success

We are ensuring that you get the correct
information from Experienced professionals.


Video Tutorials

Videos to teach you how to use our immersive
e-smart budgeting app, from adding your assets,
and automatically syncing your spending to
setting your short-term and long-term goals.



Help My Wealth is a community of like-minded
people, each on their journey toward what they
value as a successful life and financial freedom.

We are not a sales-orientated program but a community that is helping each other to succeed.

Our community has created a safe place that they
want to be a part of.


Quizzes and tests

To test your knowledge we have designed module-specific quizzes that will help you to track your progress, to better understand where you need to invest more time on and how to apply what you
learn in real-life situations.

Mobile Social Networking

Mobile App

From our iLearning modules, our e-smart
budgeting app, and online chat support, all of our services are phone and tablet friendly.


New Monthly Resources

We have new monthly articles, blog posts, and
podcast episodes with industry experts to help you keep up to date and never stop learning.

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What you Get by Enrolling

Our tailored designed packages offer you a full range of modules, tutorials, and a fully immersive budgeting app to track your spending, assets and goals.
No more excuses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Help My Wealth is a fully online financial guidance program designed to empower individuals to achieve financial success. Upon joining the program, participants can rest assured that they will have a dedicated guide supporting them every step of the way as they work towards their financial goals.

Luckily, the first step to financial success and joining Help My Wealth won’t cost you a thing! It’s free! You can find out more here. [link bolded text to the ‘get started page’].

Help My Wealth delivers a unique program to empower everyday Australians to make great financial decisions.

We provide an accessible avenue for individuals to boost their financial success. This is accomplished through engaging and informative online tools, concise self-paced modules developed by industry experts, and the necessary additional guidance and accountability from our guide.

We wanted to ensure that our program is accessible to all Australians so we’ve made the first step free, learn more here. [bolded text to link to ‘get started page’]

No, Help My Wealth cannot provide financial advice to its members.

Rather we offer guidance to enable and self empower our clients to realise their financial goals and create realistic plans of how to achieve them.

Sometimes this might involve finding a professional in the relevant industry, who may be a mortgage broker, an accountant, or a financial adviser. Whatever your goal, our guide will be with you every step of the way.

Help My Wealth is for anyone looking to empower their financial future or anyone who feels that a traditional financial planner may not be the right fit for their current circumstances.

Yes, you will get one-on-one support from Help My Wealth’s guide, Stephen Logan. There is no set amount of support sessions because each client is different.

We currently offer four unique courses that each have multiple short self-paced modules; cashflow and budgeting, financial planning, planning for the future, and the behavioural psychology of money. Each course has been developed by an industry expert to be informative but concise.

Our e-Smart Cashflow Manager app simplifies the process of organising all your finances in one place, making it easy and enjoyable. Available to all our members, we assure you that our app will streamline your cashflow management. Accessible on both desktop and mobile, it has various features, including asset management, a live balance sheet, secure storage for important documents, and visual goal tracking. You can discover more about its features here. [bolded text to be linked to this YT video:

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