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Licensed Industry Professionals

Our industry Professionals:

– Undertake regular training in their field of knowledge, which is both up-to-date and contemporary (most often associated with CPD points).

– Subscribes to their industry peak body and are committed to complying with that body’s code of conduct.

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– Comply with and hold themselves to a high level of Industry Standards.

– Can be insured for Personal Indemnity within that field.

– They are part of a “complaints resolution” scheme to ensure the professionals involved are held accountable where required.

– Where possible, we always suggest that you use professionals who are personally or professionally referred to you.

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Tailored Programs

We want to acknowledge that everyone is at a different skill level and will need us to deliver our information and service at the level required by the individual.

As everyone has different financial knowledge and skill levels, we will tailor the program to suit your needs.


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HMW is not a one size fits all program, so you can go as deep into the available knowledge as you want or just use the eSmart Budgeting program by itself.

So, whether you are looking to get help to organise a deposit for your first home, or you are the investor looking for guidance to purchase your next property investment.
We have the tools and strategies ready to help and guide you through that process

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

 (T&C Apply)

We also have:

– NO Termination fees

– Debt Busting and Wealth Building Strategies

– Financial Goal Attainment


Our Services






E-Smart Budgeting

We teach and use an eSmart budgeting program that feeds straight from all your bank accounts (including super) to create a budget in real time and helps to predict your spending patterns.

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Learning Modules

Our value for money Self Directed learning modules have been designed by industry experts in Money Coaching, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, Property Investment, Taxation, Behavioural Psychology, and Health.

We believe that financial success is holistic and that every module is designed to focus on the outcome of helping you achieve financial success

We are ensuring that you get the correct information from Experienced professionals.

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1 To 1 Coaching

Whether it be saving for their first home, starting their first investment plan or another financial goal but don’t know where to start, HMW will teach you how to manage the pain points of a strategic plan by helping you understand the basics of money.

We want clients to succeed and give them the confidence to empower themselves with the right tools to create wealth and make their own financial choices. The most fundamental of these tools to get right is understanding your cash flow management and how crucial this is to getting started on your journey.

However, it is one of the easiest to get wrong as many people give their power to money.

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Help My Wealth is a community of like-minded people, each on their journey toward what they value as a successful life and financial freedom.
We are not a sales-orientated program but a community that is helping each other to succeed.
Our community has created a safe place that they want to be a part of.

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