Learning Modules

Our value for money Self Directed learning modules have been designed by industry experts in Money Coaching, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, Property Investment, Taxation, Behavioural Psychology, and Health.

We believe that financial success is holistic and that every module is designed to focus on the outcome of helping you achieve financial success

We are ensuring that you get the correct information from Experienced professionals.

Learning Modules

Cashflow & Budgeting

  • Cashflow Management
  • What is Cashflow?
  • How do I calculate Cashflow?
  • Steps to creating a budget
  • Henderson Poverty Index 
  • Different Budgeting Methods
  • Bucket Budget Spreadsheet 
  • Savings Vs Investing 
    Wealth Creation

    Investments and Wealth Creation

    • Direct Equity: Shares and Index funds
    • Equity Mutual Funds: Actively or Passively Managed Funds
    • Investment Bonds
    • Government Bonds
    • Superannuation and Insurance
    • Term Deposits
    • Cryptocurrency as an investment

    The Behavioural Psychology of Money

    • Guide to financial fitness
    • The subconscious fast thinking mind
    • The subconscious slow thinking mind
    • How to know what you truly value
    • Emotional Mastery
    • Avoiding biased thinking
    • Creating strong helpful habits
    • Managing conflict
    • How to use success strategies
    • Activities attached to every module

    Planning for the Future

    • Making Good Financial Decisions
    • Goals Setting
    • S.M.A.R.T Goals
    • Overcoming Obstacles
    • Setting Yourself up for Success
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    Investment Property Master Class


    coming soon


    • Know Thyself – DISK and Personal Risk Profiles
    • Property Risk Profiles
    • Start with your retirement in mind…….. What amount of passive income do I want from my property investments in retirement and what would I need to achieve that
    • What is ROI
    • Yield Vs Equity
    • How to use investment property to pay off your Home 15 years faster
    • Existing House + Improving to Increase ROI (Sub-Division and with a Granny Flatt Vs Off the Plan
    • Off the Plan (finding the right developer and builder, Registered land, drawdowns, Issues, other shit, getting a building inspector etc)
    • Days On Market Vs Price
    • Micro and Macro Geographical factors
    • How to set rent (and rental increases) and choosing a Leasing Agent (plus carefully mentioning insurance is a good idea)

    Getting your 1st Home Master Class


    coming soon


    Everything you need to know when ….
    • Choosing your loan
    • Choosing an existing property
    • Choosing to build a property
    • Dealing with a real estate agent
    • Reading a contract of sale
    • Your first home is intended to eventually become an investment property later (planning for future Improvements).

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