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1. Why we do it for you?

2. Our Purpose 

3. Who we are to you?


Why do we do it for you?


Whether it be saving for their first home, starting their first investment plan or another financial goal but don’t know where to start, HMW will teach you how to manage the pain points of a strategic plan by helping you understand the basics of money.

We want clients to succeed and give them the confidence to empower themselves with the right tools to create wealth and make their own financial choices. The most fundamental of these tools to get right is understanding your cash flow management and how crucial this is to getting started on your journey.

However, it is one of the easiest to get wrong as many people give their power to money.

Our online courses will help you establish your “Why” of money managing and guide you through a series of steps to take control of your money and complete your finance adventure.
It all starts with you!

Our Purpose


The purpose of Help My Wealth is to provide you (our community) with a program designed to assist you in taking the next step in your financial and life journey and doing this quicker and safer than you could ever have done on your own.

BUT there is a lot of “chatter” out there in the financial “help” industry, all sharing conflicting and at times damaging views on how one could achieve this.

So, in collaboration, our trusted professionals at HMW developed system’s around eSmart Budgeting Programs, 1:1 Support and Instruction, and Education Modules.

All to help you plan through and learn the rules of Money Management, Finances, Investing, and Life Skills to ensure you succeed in life and your ultimate financial goals.

Industry experts have designed our value for money learning modules in Money Coaching, Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, Property Investment, Taxation, and Behavioural Psychology and Health.

We believe that financial success is holistic and that every module is designed to focus on the outcome of helping you achieve financial success

We are ensuring that you get the correct information from Experienced professionals.

HMW provides a gateway for people to learn the fundamentals of money management in an online or group environment.

Blending a combination of wisdom (human involvement) and state of the art technology
Working through area’s such as :

• Cashflow Management
• Savings
• Debt Reduction
• Behavioural Psychology
• Financial Protection
• Financial freedom
• Investments

We are asking people six primary questions of people, and then empowering you to address these in their life.

• Do you control where your money is going, or is it controlling you?
• Are you ready to take your next financial step?
• Are you ready to invest in property?
• Are you ready to invest generally?
• Are you ready to purchase your first home?
• Are you ready to review your circumstances and current Portfolio?

WHO …We Are To You

Help My Wealth Is A Bit Like


It’s a bit like learning to drive a car.

Wanting to drive a car has an obvious end goal, and from the outside, it looks like it should be an effortless thing to do, almost a natural thing to do.

But it’s NOT, and until you start to learn to drive (or teach someone else), you realise just how much there is to know, understand, practice, and eventually master.

You can drive a car without learning the road rules or without asking someone to instruct you.

BUT does that make you an effective, or even a good driver, and will you ever master the skill that way?

Gaining financial freedom is a bit like that car analogy. While it feels like it should just be a ‘natural” thing, it requires instruction and learning to become good at it.

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The Experience You Need


Each professional that has helped to design Help My Wealth team has at least a decade of experience in their field. We define “being experienced” as being knowledgeable, professional and seasoned.

Knowledgeable is about treating your field as a science. Understanding that there are processes that need to be designed if something is going to work and that there must be well-established reasons and research to back up what we are going to both educate and advise our clients on.

Professionalism is about aspiring to a high consistent standard. Understanding that we are only as good as the service we offer, not by the letters next to our name. Finally that we should always be refining and aspiring to improve our offering

Seasoned. We acknowledge that time in an area of expertise is a critical ingredient of success

Team Players


Something that is a concern for many industries today, especially in the areas of Financial servcies and Property investment is that Collaboration between the different fields is missing. For a person to succeed financially over a lifetime, they will need people with different skillsets and expertise in several areas. Help My Wealth only invites professionals onboard that understand how critical it is for a community to be involved in helping someone achieve financial success.

Being Collaborative though means that you need to be involved as well. For us to maintain the price points we have offered, there is an expectation that you will be engaged in the process. Experience has taught us that the clients who really embrace the learning will take the next step quickly.

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Go The Extra Mile


At Help My Wealth, you are not going to find people that are looking to give you the minimum required. Every single person will want to go the extra mile to give you the best chance of success. Our passion though is to create sustainable change. This means that we have to ensure that at each stage, we are helping or teaching you to develop the habits and skills to ensure the direction taken works for you and no one else.

Our passion comes from seeing the fruits of both our advice over the years flow on to clients achieving what is important to them. This service is designed to take this to the next level and help more people achieve their goals